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Week 8 of Navy boot camp!

This week I’ll be doing a lot of tests, these are some of the final written tests I’ll be doing at boot camp. If all goes well, I should be practicing for graduation! Coming up soon!!!

Next week, its time to play battleship!

Week seven!!! Almost done with boot camp!

At this point, I’m practically a sailor, I’ve come into my own and I should be an efficient person who knows medical, firefighting, and firearms fairly well! This is when I do another huge battery of physical exercise, running, push ups, sit ups, EVERYTHING! WOOOO~

Next week, I’m a brainiac!

Week six of boot camp :D

I said it’d be hot. I said I’d cry. I’m right. At this point if things are going well, I begin training for being a fire fighter, that’s exciting to me as its a childhood dream! On the other hand, it’ll be a shitty week too because this is the week where we are scheduled to get a face (and lung) full of tear gas! I’ll feel like a protester somewhere lol :D

Next week, lets get physical. Keep in touch!

Week five of boot camp :D

Shit’s getting easier now, we’re becoming men and women amongst boys. If things are going well now, I should begin learning firearms training, I get to use a few different rooty tooty point n’ shooties. While I’m learning firearms training, I hope I’ll be good at it. Hopefully I’m rockin’ it by now :D

Next week gets hot, and makes me cry! Stay tuuuuned~

Week four of boot campy stuffz!

Tough week, this is mentally the toughest according to my recruiters. This is when we first get tested on everything I’ve learned so far. They’re tough tests, but I bet I’ll be able to do it. Not much sleep this week I’m sure since I’ll be testing and studying so much.

Next week the fun begins!

Week three at boot camp!

Things should be calming down a little bit now, but that’s never guaranteed. At this point if things are going well, I should be settled a little bit. This is where I’ll be doing a lot of physical exercise, and should be hitting my strides like a BOSS :D

Next week, will be one of the tougher weeks that’s for sure. Stay tuned!

Week two at boot camp!

P-Days are over now, at this point if all is going well, I should be in my own division now, with other recruits from around the country. Around this time I should be stenciling in my name on all my property, learning how to make beds to military standards. I should also be learning my chain of command, and how to take care of my uniform. This is one of the toughest weeks, but I’m a strong mutt :P I’m sure I’ll be all good :D

Another update queued for next week!

First week at boot camp.

If you’re reading this right now, I’m officially in the thick of it. It’s my first week at boot camp and right now if all is going well, I’m being yelled and screamed at, waiting in line, getting shots and needles poked at me and all that fun stuff. Yay sleep deprivation!

This first week at boot camp is called “P-Days”. AKA Processing Days, its where I do all my paper work! There will be another update next week!


This is my absolute last regular post for the next two months! I’ve got a couple posts queued up explaining what is going on at boot camp at the specific time its posted, it’ll be posted weekly.

So yeah, boot camp guys. I’ll be a military mutt when you see me again. Go Navy.

I think it’d be cool to come back to this post with some notes, catch you on the flipside.


Camera Shy (x)



How to take selfies with a bald eagle


saying goodbye to benedryl cumberlack as he lay in his death bed :((((


saying goodbye to benedryl cumberlack as he lay in his death bed :((((

Who's users are more stupid 4chan or tumblr(not that all users of 4chan and tumblr are dumb)



Honestly?  Tumblr.

A lot of the people on 4chan will act like unapologetic assholes, but at least they’re not self-righteous about it.  And, if shown legitimate proof of something, (based on what I’ve seen) they’ll usually accept it, whereas Tumblr prefers to pass around bogus statistics, and cling to emotional pleas, rather than logic.

4chan often behaves like idiots, but they’re aware that they’re behaving like idiots.  That’s the whole point.  People go there to be anonymous assholes on purpose.  Meanwhile, Tumblr is filled with bullies and rejects that think they’re doing the world a goddamn favor by acting like snide, entitled little shit mongers.

4chan will call you a “faggot” regardless of gender identity, which appears to be generally understood to the point where no one even gives a shit anymore.

Tumblr becomes irrationally outraged when you somehow don’t already magically know the “preferred pronouns” of someone you hadn’t even heard of before, even when these “pronouns” are complete crocks of shit like “bunself”, or “princesself”.  They then become indignant if you don’t fall to your knees and cater to every last one of their demented little demands, and treat them like the extra special little snowflake that they think they are.

4chan fields obvious inflammatory comments with relative ease, simply by dismissing them as stupid, humoring them for a laugh, or ignoring them from the start.  When vitriol does happen, at least it’s mostly reserved to two morons having a witless tennis match of words while everyone else goads them on for the sake of entertainment.

Tumblr takes every goddamn thing as though it’s deadly fucking serious, to the point where people are afraid to voice their opinions on their favorite cookies, lest it somehow “offends” someone.

4chan will bust your nuts until you can prove a claim you’ve made.

Tumblr will gladly make viral the “news” that the sky has suddenly turned neon green, and is raining Nickelodeon Gak - if there’s enough of an emotional, impassioned plea to do so.  Especially if they claim their “child” or “younger sibling” saw (and was upset by) this “incident”.

If you like something, and express it, 4chan will tell you it’s terrible just to piss you off.

Do this on Tumblr, and someone will claim you’re “oppressing them” simply because they don’t happen to like it.  Then, through emotional manipulation, they try to spread the mindset that you’re somehow “scum” just for enjoying something that they don’t.

While I wouldn’t recommend it as a place to go to “have fun”, 4chan has actually become more welcoming than tumblr at this point.

And that’s just fucking sad.

Food for thought.



If you could rate the Disney princes on a dating app, it would probably look like this. 


Pieke Bergmans